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The Association (Archery Nova Scotia) is a not-for-profit formed in 1967.
We function as the governing body for the Provincial Sport Organization which includes Archery in all forms in the Province of Nova Scotia.

The Ranges & Clubs...

Looking to join a group of local archers? See here for a list of active clubs in the province. Reach out to your local club representative for information on ranges and booking shoot times

Upcoming Events

Feb 25 | Glooscap Heritage Archers | Frozen Finger Garnet Dodge Memorial | Outdoor 3D

2023 Shoot Schedule

Looking to get some competition practice in?
See our shoot schedule for upcoming shoots across the province

The Special General Meeting is on May 4th at 7:30pm

Notice of Special General Meeting
Archery Nova Scotia is holding a Special General Meeting on Thursday, May 4th @ 7:30pm via Zoom. The purpose of this meeting is to re-elect the Board of Directors and fill volunteer vacancies.
Call for Nominations
Nominations will be accepted for all positions until Monday, April 24th @ 11:59pm. All board positions and volunteer positions will be available, whether currently vacant or filled. If a nomination is received for a position that is currently filled, there will be an election for the position between the nominee(s) and the current director. If no nominations are received for a position that is currently filled, the current director will remain in the position until their AGM renewal date (Fall 2023 or Fall 2024, depending on the position). Please note, no nominations will be accepted from the floor. All nominations must be submitted by Monday, April 24th @ 11:59pm.
The terms of the newly elected Board of Directors will continue until the scheduled AGM renewal dates, as per the ANS Bylaws. As the ANS Bylaws state, each club in good standing will carry one vote at the Special General Meeting to elect the directors. 
Nominations will be accepted for the following positions: 
Board of Directors
President (term until Fall 2023)
VP High Performance (term until Fall 2024)
Secretary (term until Fall 2023)
Treasurer (term until Fall 2024)
VP Target (term until Fall 2023)
VP 3D (term until Fall 2024)
Bowhunting Director* (term dependent on BANS)
*note: The Bowhunting Director is elected by BANS. Nominations for that position should be directed to BANS (bowhuntersassociationofns@gmail.com) and elections will take place on a date that BANS chooses.
Other Volunteer Positions (non-voting)
Membership Coordinator (term until Fall 2024)
Descriptions of each position can be found in the Special General Meeting package at this link and posted on our website.
To nominate yourself or another member, please fill out this form. Again, please note nominations will not be accepted from the floor. Nominations must be submitted on this form by Monday, April 24th @ 11:59pm. The slate of nominees will be communicated to the membership via this newsletter by Monday, May 1st at the latest.

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