About ANS

The Association (Archers Association of Nova Scotia) was formed in 1967. We function as the governing body for the provincial sport organization which includes archery in all forms in the Province of Nova Scotia. As the bow became impracticable as a weapon, archery became a sport enjoyed by the rich, usually Lords and Kings. In some cultures, the bow is still used today as a tool for harvesting food. The sport continues to grow in popularity and is now active in over 100 countries in the world! Due to the popularity of the sport, archers can now compete in events such as the Olympics, the World Championships, and many other international, national and provincial events, including 3-D archery. 


To perpetuate, foster and direct the practice of archery in all its forms through the encouragement of membership as well as the adoption, interpretation, and endorsement of the rules for practicing.  

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